Welcome to A Tale of Reckoning!
I'm happy to introduce to you a riveting, visceral, epic screenplay:
It's the amazing story of Jean Baptiste Charbonneau.
Based on a true story, a beleaguered half blood frontiersman tells a reporter his story of adventure and bigotry during his time in the fur trade, the gold rush and the Mexican-American War, with meaning for today.
Producers, Representatives, Managers and Developers: click above to read the Synopsis. Then please go to http://inktip.com/ip_register.php to read the script. 


The screenplay was read by a former VP of Development at United Artists. She also has extensive experience in TV, has taught scriptwriting at UCLA and has written several screenplays. She wrote, "Your drama has the potential to be an epic film and it should proceed to development."


It also was read by a development executive at Novafilmhouse who described it as "extremely compelling."

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