I'm happy to introduce to you a riveting, visceral, epic screenplay:
It's the amazing story of Jean Baptiste Charbonneau.
Inspired by a true story, a famous frontiersman experiences bigotry, love, and high adventure as his day of reckoning looms in this story of a man of two worlds.
Producers, Representatives, Managers and Developers: click above to read the Synopsis. Then please go to http://inktip.com/ip_register.php to read the script. 


A former VP of Development at United Artists wrote, "Your drama has the potential to be an epic film -- proceed to development."


A development executive at Novafilmhouse described it as "extremely compelling."


A mini-series producer wrote, "Your story will shine on cable."


At critic at the 2020 Atlanta Screenplay Festival wrote, " This is a strong, exciting script with an enthralling premise."

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